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Get ready to redefine your sleep with the innovative LINQ Bed Collection from BDI, now exclusively at Scan Home!

LINQ seamlessly blends modern design and intelligent features like built-in charging stations, adjustable frames for any mattress size, and even dimmable headboard lighting for that perfect ambiance.

Prioritizing safety, our dressers and drawers meet the new STURDY Act standards, ensuring peace of mind. Generous storage space and a sleek minimalistic design make LINQ a stylish and practical choice.

The true star? The nightstand. Designed with real-life use in mind, it’s perfect as a charging hub and a home for your bedside essentials.

Experience the future of sleep with LINQ! Beds are available in Queen and King and in Up-Linq and Cross-Linq styles. Step into Scan Home today and see for yourself why we love LINQ!

At American Leather, the art of crafting furniture is not just about building a piece, but about pioneering innovation. Celebrated for their impeccable design ethos, they combine state-of-the-art engineering with top-tier aesthetics. Every piece from their collection stands testament to their commitment to performance, ensuring that beauty isn’t merely skin-deep but is complemented by functionality and longevity.

At Scan Home, our passion lies in bringing only the best to our customers, and American Leather aligns seamlessly with this vision. Their dedication to pioneering designs, unparalleled craftsmanship, and remarkable performance makes them an unparalleled choice for our store. We are proud to have American Leather in our curated collection, a brand that consistently exceeds expectations and truly understands the modern homeowner’s desires. When you invest in American Leather, you’re not just buying furniture – you’re embracing a legacy of excellence.