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Sol Side Table

The Sol side table, sleek and minimalist in design, is crafted from solid bamboo. Its compact size makes it ideal for placement beside chairs or sofas, accommodating items like coffee cups, snacks, or laptops. The table features a reverse beveled edge and rests on a slender column, offering functionality without taking up much space. Available in wheat and amber finishes, the colors are created through a unique caramelization process, not stains, enhancing the bamboo's natural beauty and uniqueness. Each piece is distinct, exemplifying quality craftsmanship in eco-friendly furniture.

Shown in amber finish.

By Greenington - eco-friendly furniture from a sustainable resource.

* 100% solid Moso bamboo
* No plywood, particle board, or MDF
* Eco-friendly, sustainable resource
* 20% harder than Red Oak

Length: 16''
Depth: 16''
Height: 20''


Retail $511.00
SKU: 413962